Changeless - Gail Carriger sure, i like candy. what's not to like? it's a sweet, brightly-hued thing to eat. but candy is not guilt-free. it is not substantial. it's not even the best dessert item out there. now chocolate, that's a dessert. chocolate can be sexy, right? when it's hot, chocolatey things get messy. on the other hand, candy is not really very sexy. it's cute - but it's too instantly disposable to be sexy. candy is for kids. now ice cream - that's a great dessert. i can spend some time with it. it is a more nuanced flavor. it's creamy and delicious and goes down smooth. candy is sadly insubstantial when compared to ice cream - there is literally nothing that is good for you that goes into the making of it. it's a superficial pleasure. and often a badly-made one, a luxury that is not that luxurious and seems somehow rather cheap. i do hate when i get shards of candy in my teeth - but it also melts away inoffensively. candy is not the worst thing in the world: a quick, sugary, forgettable pleasure. sometimes it can be quite delightful. but i certainly can't give candy more than 2 stars!