The Tuesday Club Murders: A Miss Marple Mystery (Miss Marple Mysteries) - Agatha Christie Choose Your Own Adventure!

You are a book club and you specialize in mystery and murder. It is a grand old time. There is also a quasi-member of the club, an Angela Lansbury type, a dotty biddy from the old school. You try to include her but you also find yourself talking around her. It is hard not to be condescending: there is so little she knows of the modern world. Still, her archaic point of view is at times quaintly charming. At times you are shocked by her preposterous conclusions, but you humor her still. Does God give you extra points simply by being nice to the elderly? Only time will tell!

If you decide that murder is so one-sided and maybe it is time to explore other genres, choose

If you decide that it is time to check out how many extra points you’ve accumulated due to your dedicated service to seniors, choose