The Color of Her Panties - Piers Anthony, Piers Anthony seriously? "THE COLOR OF HER PANTIES"? like for real? this book exists and is not just some crazy joke? am i high right now or something? it's like Piers started reading all those comments about how pervy he can be and was like Fuck It, the secret's out, everyone knows i'm a perv, i'm just gonna go for it, FUCK YEAH! PANTIES WILL BE IN THE TITLE GODDAMNIT!

i'm not really even trying to hate on Piers Anthony. i know like every fourth review of his books talks about how he is perverted and maybe even a pedo. i dunno. my jury's still out. he's definitely a perv (i could care less about that) and some of his more gruesome stuff gets dark & sick... but i'd be hard-pressed to say his books are pedophilic. or maybe i'm just stupid & sentimental, because i loved a lot of his books as a kid. his kid stuff like Xanth and especially his more complex spiritual-scifi books as well. like Macroscope & Battle Circle & Mute & the Cluster/Tarot series: all awesome. so anyway - i'm not one of those folks who automatically dismisses the guy.

but this fuckin title. really. it is unreal. i'm rarely ashamed (more of a guilt type of person) but i'd be way too embarrassed and probably ashamed to even buy this via anonymous amazon. i can't imagine hitting that Buy button with this title in the cart. my God, what would my postman think if this package accidentally ripped open? i'd much rather be caught with straight-up porn! and i just find it hard to believe that anything with such a crazy-bad title could ever be remotely good. am i wrong? someone prove me wrong!