The Clocks - Agatha Christie Choose Your Own Adventure!

You are a member of the British secret service, and you are having a really bad day. Murder is never the best of reasons to engage in romance, but for you, the two become intertwined before you know it. In a way, it is not hard to understand why: temporary secretaries are their own kind of secret agent, slipping in and out of mysterious situations, reporting what they know to their benefactor, a constant smile on their lips and calm professionalism their by-word. When double agents meet: fireworks! But who is an agent and who is the pawn? What are the motives of your benefactors? Who is pulling the strings, who is winding the clocks? For whom does the dread bell toll? Beware: time does not stop for your petty romances!

If you decide that the bell tolls for you, and you shall hear that surly sullen bell, choose

If you decide for whom the bell tolls, as it must for guilty and innocent alike, choose