The Great Chain of Life - Joseph Wood Krutch,  Paul Landacre (Illustrator) i'm a big fan of unusual foods. organ meats are great. also, both black & white "pudding". in oaxaca they had these crispy, spicy fried grasshoppers that they cooked and served on sidewalks in paper cones. in restaurants, they'd serve it on the side, chopped up. i guess you are supposed to sprinkle it over your food. it had an interesting but not very strong flavor - i think the experience is supposed to mainly be about the texture? however, after i pulled a feeler from between my teeth, i sorta became disgusted and stopped eating them. it's hard to be a part of the great chain of life when you are feeling nauseated.

anyway, this is one of my favorite books. it is beautiful! with a wonderful underlying message (obvious from the title). i read it in college when i was a hyper-critical and snobby asshole, and i still loved it. i thought the writing was gentle and wise; the woodcuts were marvelous.

just ordered it. hopefully i love it just as much, 20 years later!