Glimmering - Elizabeth Hand i once had a roommate named Julian Danger. he gave himself that name. he was in some bands, all terrible, one called The Angel Assassins, a terrible name. he was a perpetual grad student in art history, and i can still recall him sitting in the hallway on our land line, cheerfully bragging away in his squeaky voice about how he'd fail this guy for being in a frat or this girl for having no clue about style. he always wore eyeliner, it highlighted his surprisingly pretty eyes. he only wore black and his pants were the tightest you could imagine, all the better to highlight his surprisingly immense schlong. he got all the chicks, one after the other. i remember he ended a screaming argument by telling one girl "I've Dated Artists, I've Dated Writers, I've Dated Musicians! I Can't Believe I Have To Deal With This Shit From a SHOPGIRL!"... he was a pretentious intellectual, a writer of the obnoxious zine DangerFox, a master of passive-aggression. he was the kind of fool who prided himself on being a capital-H Hipster. who does that? and it goes on and on.

why am i saying all this. because this fuckin book reminded me of Julian Danger, from the beginning up until the part where i threw it against the wall in furious irritation. not only that, but it is populated by characters just like Julian Danger, and our heroine seem to think they are the bees' knees... even worse, apparently so does Elizabeth Hand. argh, give me a break! that is so frustrating! particularly when Hand is a great writer, full of elegant phrases and capable of creating a wonderfully sinister atmosphere and surprisingly deep characters. well, i guess that stopped me from giving it 1 star.

if you like what you've read about Julian (i won't blame you; he had lots of fans), you'll probably like this this wannabe goth-adventure of human vampires and millenial tension. Julian may have enjoyed this one too - although he was sort of a snob about "genre" novels. now he lives right down the block from me - i should hurl it at him the next time i see him, to see if he likes it.