Wolf Tales - Kate Douglas werewolf sex should really be a lot sexier. shouldn't it? i mean when i think of werewolf sex, it certainly is much more sexy, a lot less tortuous, eye-rolling.

it starts off sort of intriguingly, but honestly i lost interest fairly early on, with the semi-reveal in the limo. badly done. still, i had hope for at least a sorta trashy version of Beauty & the Beast (the tv show, that is) but then it all became about dueling alphas and guy-on-guy action and all this psychodrama about who is topping who and i just thought, who cares, enough already. not hot. plus, terribly written for the most part, of course.

although i suppose i should be stoked that there's so much bi action going on, overall the whole affair and the feeling at the end is a bit too i'm-learning-so-much-about-myself, ohwhatacommunitywearebuildingtogether with our crazy menage. where's the danger? and now i'm repeating myself from other reviews but what the hey is up with all this intense focus on "ALPHA MALES" all the time? do writers of pnr and romance live in the real world? i suppose i understand the placement of certain gender paradigms as a central focus in sexual fantasy, it is often a very basic part of what makes our various doodads respond... but gosh, male writers sure get a bad rap when writing attractive women only as sex-starved floozies. and so i would like to give a bad rap to women writers who only want to portray attractive men as ALPHAS WHO WANT TO GET THEIR MATING ON, RIGHT NOW, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR ME, YOU'RE MINE GODDAMNIT, I OWN THAT HEART, AND EVERYTHING ELSE! so what's up with the remaining 90% of all straight women looking for love - are they all stuck with snivelling, stunted Beta Men and so are destined to live emotionally and sexually unsatisfied lives? that sure sucks for them.

or perhaps this is just the whining of someone who is clearly not an alpha male but is secretly jealous. how sad; i hope that's not the case. it must not be, right? intelligent women aren't secretly jealous because they are not silly, sex-starved floozies, are they? okay then, so i am not jealous of not being a cretinous, depressive alpha male. YAY, i've convinced myself, woo hoo!