JLA: Earth 2 - Grant Morrison, Frank Quitely this is a fairly awesome revisit of some completely awesome bad guys originating in the DC Silver Age: the reverse Jusice League, known as the Crime Syndicate of America (formerly of Earth-3, then of the Anti-Matter Universe, now of... ??? well i don't fuckin know, everything's so confusing these days). each of the villains is the happily evil equivalent of various Justice Leaguers. whenever i see them appear in a comic strip, i am overcome with massive delight-convulsions. they're the best worst!

this is a typically mind-boggling Grant Morrison meta-adventure. fortunately, his more self-indulgent tendencies towards bizarro metaphysics have been somewhat tempered and the narrative is clear and fun. the art by Frank Quitely is iconic, stripped-down, and "muscular" - per usual.

overall this is a lot of fun.


Super Template Action!

* Superman: Ultra-Man
* Wonder Woman: Superwoman
* Batman: Owlman
* Green Lantern: Power Ring
* The Flash: Johnny Quick