Men - Margaret Diehl the narrator likes to sleep around. a wide variety of guys are observed, slept with, and coolly analyzed. one of them is really sweet but gets alcoholic and develops a man-boob problem as well as some unattractive issues with inertia. another one is also rather sweet, quixotic in temperament, and walks around nude in his gothic house, just thinking his various deep, dreamy thoughts. there are many, many more and that last one (my personal favorite) takes up maybe two pages of the novel, if that.

the narrator remains rather sympathetic towards each of the many men. she appears to be trying to make some kind of emotional connection, perhaps one that could lead to a genuine, long-term relationship. but one can't help but get the feeling that overall she is unimpressed by the male gender and simply won't admit it to herself. will she ever find love? well, she's not really looking for it - she just wants to bone. and then think about the experience. and then move on. the end.

the prose is excellent. elegant and witty and dry and full of splendid, surprising little sentences here and there. but the key word is dispassionate. which led to a block for me as far as identifying or even empathizing with the protagonist. but identification and empathy are overrated, right? "i don't want to get to know you, i just wanna slap skins". still, it made the experience rather like reading clinical case notes on various patients. i.e. not hot. although the actual sex scenes were sorta hot - when they actually occurred, which is not as often as one might imagine.

hey who is Margaret Diehl anyway and why hasn't she written more books? she sure has the writing chops. ah, mystery. also, check out that awesome cover. creepy!

the movie version starred Sean Young... bizarre choice for such an affectless character. when i think of Sean Young, i do not think of "lack of affect". perhaps the casting director was thinking of Young's glassy-eyed replicant from Blade Runner - which is a phrase i literally just stole from Brad below - rather than the manic Young of various other efforts. Dylan Walsh (known for having a plus-sized stick up his ass in the often laughable Nip/Tuck) is also in the movie version. i was disappointed that they removed man-boobs from his character. instead he smokes cigars while getting sloshed in the bathtub and it is all rather cute and endearing. gosh, so much for realism!