I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie - Pamela Des Barres, Dave Navarro the main thing that i remember about this book is the image of timothy hutton leaving a bathroom with a trail of toilet paper emerging like a banner from between his asscheeks. oh the humanity. this short bit acts as a capper on the basically contemptuous timothy hutton sequence. the tone throughout the rest of this sexual travelogue is less contemptuous and almost wry, deadpan. but if you are looking for any actual insight into the various celebrities, look elsewhere - this book is not for you.

what is it with starfuckers? why do they do the things they do? i suppose it is just the logical end result of the human desire to create and worship celebrity, to capture some of that golden celebrity warmth, to keep some of it close, some small bit of it. oh, humans. silly silly humans.

but hey wait a minute, do reality tv "stars" count as celebrities these days? because if so, then i'm a starfucker too, yahoo! gosh it feels so good. i actually feel completely different now, and better, cooler, mere moments after realizing that i am only one person removed from being on tv. that's practically being an actual celebrity! i feel so much more connected to the golden power of celebrity now. yeah, celebrities! i should write a book.