Burn Bright - Marianne de Pierres this is a little scifi-cum-PNR Young Adult novel from australia. on some planet somewhere, teens wanting to escape the varyingly restrictive environments of their home countries can escape to Ixion, a place of perpetual partying and constant night. but who are the island guardians; who really runs things? where do the aged-out go; why is a fearsome lady pirate trying to rescue them? who else lives on the island; what are those whispers in the night?

unfortunately, Burn Bright is very hard to come by in the States. you can download it from http://www.fishpondworld.com/Books/Fiction_Literature - but only in horrible Google Chrome format, ugh.

if i were to judge it by characterization and dialogue alone, this would get an even lower rating. the dialogue is flat, flat, flat and is made even more awkward but some ill-considered attempts to mix current and made-up slang. the protagonist is entirely annoying and insipid; supporting characters have some interest but are also rather cardboard.

but still... i mainly enjoyed reading this one. the atmosphere on the island, the slowly-parsed out details of how the island looks and feels, the odd creatures and strange patterns of behavior... all quite nice. what was particularly striking was how right de Pierres gets the feeling of sweaty, music- and drug-filled excess. the sensation of different drugs, the fluid ambience, the palpable impact of music, the movement of dance and crowds, the way a person feels en route, the holding of hands, getting lost, getting found, diverse people and intense feelings fading and returning and transforming all night... well-done! i had to wonder how many raves the author must have gone to in the 90s - all the details and emotions were really spot-on.