In the Garden of Iden - Kage Baker hello there, little romance. i see you! you are trying to hide, aren't you? well you picked some good camouflage, i must say. you've concealed yourself within a fairly operatic setting: the tale of an immortal teenage cyborg employed by a secretive and futuristic Company, sent on missions in our far-flung past to save extinct plants, waiting for the day that your future finally catches up with your employer's apparently golden present. it is quite a setting, i almost didn't see you there! you are surrounded by perfectly accomplished elizabethan period detail, some deep themes about religion vs. free will, some sophisticated ideas about predestination and predetermination. you are written in a clear, careful, unsentimental way. but there you are, little romance, romantic as can be, perhaps thinking that you will be overlooked simply because of the grandeur of your surroundings.

but now that i've found you, never fear - lay your insecurities to rest! you are a fine little romance, touching and subtle and carefully wrought. your lovers are wonderful creations and their love feels true. there are many good things to be said about a perfectly accomplished romance, so you have nothing to be ashamed of! your camouflage, the ongoing story that i am eager to follow - it is an absorbing place in which you've hidden. but you are worthy for what you are, little romance. stand proud!