Snow White - Donald Barthelme and here's a po-mo review of a po-mo novel! or is it just a copy-and-pasted comment thread? does "art assume an aura of authority that controls the observer"? or does it simply equal blah blah blah? is that po-mo on the bottom of my sho-mo?

message 29: by karen/me
yeah. i also loved Briar Rose, which was one of robert coover's fairy tales, since we are talking po-mo

message 30: by mark
and then there's Snow White.
but i didn't love it. maybe too po-mo, and i love that genre. well, i like that genre. love is a strong word!

message 31: by karen/me
i own that, but i never read it. it is all erotic, right?

message 32: by mark
not all, but a lot of Capital-E Erotic! if po-mo could ever truly be considered erotic. a person could theoretically get a reverse-boner reading this novel.

but it is more than just sex scenes, for sure. lots of typical po-mo concerns. what is reality? what is identity? what is the text you are reading? what is the history this story is creating? it also has its fair share of 'is human existence essentially a lonely one, because of its very nature?' type concerns.

message 33: by karen/me
oh, that sounds better than what i thought it was.

message 34: by mark
karen, its not

message 35: by karen/me
haahha oh no!!
but it sounds better than "one lady, seven men" bwam bwam!!

message 36: by mark
well, that is true. it is much more than 7-on-1 action!

message 37: by karen/me
okay, well then i won't rush to read this one.
it has been sitting on my shelf for about seven years, so i will just continue to let it sit...

message 38: by mark
depending on the edition & cover art, it may serve as a delightfully sensuous drink coaster! much more useful that way. my edition has a nude lady on the cover, looking naughty yet thoughtful, as she carefully considers 7 hands reaching towards her from behind a screen. oy vey, how erotic!

message 39: by karen/me
hahaah direct from the seventies, i expect?

message 40: by mark
yep, it is super seventies. now that i'm looking at the cover again, it is not a screen. it is a shower curtain! a kind of 70s-style, floral-pattern shower curtain. gosh, so extremely sensual yet mellow & digable!

message 41: by karen/me
can you slap a picture of it in here?

message 42: by mark

Snow White