Queer - William S. Burroughs seriously, Lee, will you give it a rest? stop trying to get into the pants of that straight guy. get some dignity. Lee, i hate to tell you this, but you make me a little sick. not only are you pointless, you are desperate. that is highly unattractive. you surround yourself with the same decay that is present in your world-view. and when that isn't enough, you seek out even more decay, until the novel becomes a travelogue of depressing decay, decay, decay. all the while trying pathetically to suck the dick of some straight serviceman who actually is not your friend and who is actually not queer. you give queers a bad name! and so i resent even the title of this novel of your boring misadventures. you are as bad as some drunk straight guy at a party who is so wasted that he doesn't even know that the girl he is hitting on so sloppily is rolling her eyes at him in boredom and disgust. Lee, No Means No!

however, Queer, you do get 1 extra star because you may serve as a somewhat easy entry point into the writing of william s. burroughs, who went on to write so much that was greater. and, well, the writing in this one isn't really bad at all. it is the story that revolts; the writing is on the interesting side of really-not-bad-at-all.