Snowballin': I Fucked Frosty - Auralie Vierge ~ Auralie Vierge is just a really lovely name. does "Vierge" mean something? lemme go check... oh, it means "Virgin Sauce"! that's kinda nasty.

~ SEXY SPOILER ALERT! this story's adept heroine casually takes 8 inches down her throat. what! gee willikers, that's some talent. she's not even a professional! well she should be. she definitely has the skills to pay the bills.

~ i read a review, maybe more than one, that points out what a jerk Stephen is. on this topic, i honestly feel torn. i kinda sorta get him. satisfying but brief sexcapade, take a piss, get some food. is there a more natural succession of events? poor Stephen is really getting a bum rap. he's only human. plus his girlfriend then proceeds to cheat on him with a snowman for chrissakes!

"~" = this is how i tart up a review to make it look extra sexy.