September Girls

September Girls - Bennett Madison I'm excited to read this! although the subject matter looks only slightly interesting to me, all of the 1-star reviews of this book are so hilarious that I am sold. but not because they are making the book look bad, not at all. all that disgust over the casual sexism and the characters' relentless talk of masturbation & horniness & erections... reviewer dismay over all of that is what is so frickin' hilarious! I'm not sure what some reviewers are looking for in a book. their perfect teenage male who has never had such thoughts or conversations? ha! good luck with that. well they better avoid literary fiction at all costs. and not just literary fiction, genre fiction geared towards adults too I suppose. it's a tough and often realistic world out there!

almost as hilarious is this blog by some nitwit author who holds those same reviews up as examples of "bullying"... sweet Jesus, it's like everyone has lost their grip on reality. I wonder if my previous sentence would be considered bullying. I did use the word "nitwit" after all, uh oh. more to the point, since when is calling a book out for its sexist characters - as misguided as I personally think that may be - remotely like bullying? perhaps these people have never had their feelings hurt before and so when they see critical things being said, they think that is bullying. obviously they have never been bullied before. as someone who has at different times been a bully and who has been bullied, it irritates and amuses me to no end to witness the constant misuse of that word. they should all watch The Bad Girls Club to see what actual bullying looks like.

people are so fucken amusing!