Ghosts of the Multiverse - Harald Hansen the Goodreads pop-up add for this book:
"Hilarious and intriguing. Ghosts, families, religious factions.
A homosexual rape scene, so it is a comedy. Physics and love.
ha ha, didn't realize that rape was ever funny! "homosexual rape" must be even more funny! the very idea of homosexual rape is pure hilarity! probably just putting the word "homosexual" in front of "rape" should be enough for a whole day's worth of belly laughs! homosexual rape must be an hysterical experience! i think about it and i just laugh and laugh and laugh! hahahahaha, homosexual rape! so many lolz!

i'd really love to meet the person who wrote that pop-up ad so i could share my appreciation of their writing! let me just sit here for a moment and consider what would probably be a gut-bustingly hilarious conversation.