Death Comes As the End - Agatha Christie Choose Your Own Adventure!

You are Imhotep, ka-priest of Ancient Egypt, ruler over a family of nitwits and schemers and busybodies, with drama enough to drive you insane. Poor fellow, all you want is just a little peace... the kind of peace that is found in the arms of a gorgeous concubine. Who can blame you? The only sympathetic person in your life is your daughter, a lovely and tragic young widow. But sadly, the concubine turns out to be as big a drama queen as everyone else in your life and very bad things begin to happen. Bad things begin to happen to everyone! If this wasn’t bloodthirsty Ancient Egypt, the sheer body count that you have to deal with during this drawn-out massacre would definitely raise an eyebrow. Sometimes enough is enough! Whatever is a ka-priest to do?

If you decide to further indulge your need for beautiful and powerful women, choose

If you decide that life holds no more mystery for you and it is time to end it all, choose