A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman A Study in Emerald Study Guide

>What is A Study in Emerald?
1) A pastiche
2) A parody
3) A trifle
4) A tisket
5) A tasket
6) A green and yellow basket

>What is "A Study in Emerald"?
1) A reference to a classic Sherlock Holmes story
2) A disgusting green mess of bile that is sprayed all over the place after a disgusting un-man has been slain

>Who is the protagonist of A Study in Emerald?
1) Sherlock Holmes
2) Professor James Moriarty
3) Cthulhu
4) Queen Victoria
5) Neil Gaiman

>Why did A Study in Emerald win the 2004 Hugo Award for Best Short Story?
1) Because it is a clever mystery set in an alternate Victorian London with an enjoyably off-center narrative, a bizarre setting, and a smashing twist ending.
2) It is certainly a mystery! Surely there were more deserving nominees that year; A Study in Emerald is merely a diverting and polished little trifle.
3) Neil Gaiman