The Mousetrap and Other Plays - Agatha Christie Choose Your Own Adventure!

You are a police officer, out in the snow, the winter chill clouding your mind, the only refuge a sinister abode called the Monkswell Manor. You enter the manor and it is as if you had entered the longest-running play in history... the players are all so familiar, the plot they are acting – so timeless.

You: Dear residents, pray give me some time to explain myself. ‘Tis the winter chill that drives me hither and thither! Be gentle, good sirs and ladies. Do stop freaking the fuck out, I mean seriously, y’all act like there’s been a murder or something.

Residents, in unison: THERE HAS!

You: Never fear, residents, I shall solve this dire mystery! The killer shall be drawn into my clever, clever mousetrap! Do not fear to sleep, perchance to dream!

Residents, in unison: Dear Officer! Our beds are your beds! Come hither, and thither; impress us with your sturdy dedication!

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