Gravity's Revenge by A.E. Marling

Gravity's Revenge - A.E. Marling

Gravity's Revenge is high fantasy hostage thriller. pretty original! the plot was a unique experience for me. kudos to the author for putting together a fantasy with an exceedingly well-developed magic system, appealing characters, a unique setting, a lot of twists & turns, and a highly intriguing threat. and a hostage situation! I just cannot emphasize enough how pleasantly surprised I was to realize that this was what the novel was essentially about.

this is an indie book that was supported by what looks like a successful kickstarter campaign. and, unfortunately, there is a lot that could have been improved prior to publication. I think a stern and unforgiving editor could have done wonders for this novel. the writing is hit or miss and the dialogue in particular needs so much work - a real case of trying too hard there.

but the originality and the breadth of imagination on display almost (but not quite) cancels all of that out. a narcoleptic sorceress who crafts her spells while sleeping! that was awesome. an order of religious fanatics called Bright Palms who glow with a healing light and who have been drained of all emotion. that was also awesome. a magical academy where gravity does not apply and so we have floating pools & lakes and a 'skyway' and a lot of fights & chases up walls & on the underside of bridges & all over the place. that concept is so awesome that it is begging to be visualized in anime format. and a high fantasy hostage situation! so awesome.